Now you can easily track statistics for your Basketball league. You collect stats with our Stats Application. When the game finishes you synchronize the Application with the database and all data is automatically loaded and stored to the database. is the site that transforms this data to Fixtures, Results, Records and awesome statistics for the players, the game and accumulated for the round, the group the season and for all seasons.

The Basketball League Administration tool enables the league administrator to create the competition system (Championship, Cup, Playoffs, Final Four etc.), the different Championship Categories form the groups and the participating teams and athletes, even for the most demanding Basketball event or league.

You can have your own website, with your own domain name, colors and identity themes for your own League and all the features of If you wish this solution, you will be able to administer the advertising banners of your sponsors and increase your sponsoring revenue. Contact us in order to find out more

The League Administrator can create accounts and provide usernames and passwords for team administrators. In this way each team can manage its own roster and add player details (height, age, position etc). Each team can write or upload game cementations to their games thus enhancing the statistical content with sport reportage that would attract and retain more people on your web pages.

Once you synchronize and upload the statistics to the data base, they are immediately presented on the website in organized stat tables, charts and graphs. A time chart is formed and presents how scored progressed throughout the game. More sophisticated statistics are also available and present the different player combinations used at the match, player rankings contribution from the bench and court chart shots presenting the missed and made shots for every single player.

A single team solution enables a team to collect and store stats for its own games. The solution comes together with a site to present the data but also allows the team to make the statistics data available only to those they wish, with the provision of credentials.

Social Media integration transforms your participants and their social circle into ambassadors of your league. We have developed items that the athletes and their social connections would love to share at the social media with their friends and followers. Tabs with the game MVP, with court chart shots, best line up used best 6 players of the round and more will all help you increase your social presence, reach more people at your community hence improve league awareness by creating more interest that in extent will allow you to find more sponsors or engage more people to your league as participants or other supporting and volunteering roles.

With Respect to your needs

Ergonomic design of the statistics collection application that allows for speed, accuracy and optimized display

Friendly design with clever illustrations that guide the user but do not compromise in speed

Having spent hours of development and analysis our application is of high standards that would satisfy even the most demanding user and produce the best stat reports.

From day one ,with no experience or familiarity with the tool, one can collect statistics that professional teams would envy.

We have developed three different solutions to cater different needs. Control Panel, Stats Application and Web site for Single Team. Control Panel, Stats Application and Web site for Tournament and a Statistics Application forreporters, scouters, managersκτλ

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Three different Choices

Choose the right product to cover your needs!
For Single Team, for Club Associations, Tournament Organizers or for a single Users.

  • StatApp OneTeam
    Ideal for a Single Team
  • StatApp Tournament
    Organize – Manage and Run a League–Record and Publish Statistics
  • StatApp - Under Construction
    Available at Google store, Stats displayed for a game, without Web site Analysis

Basketball Stats Application

What is the comparative advantage of the StatApp Basketball Statistics Application?

StatApp provides integrated solutions that you will find nowhere else. The ability to synchronize the Application with the platform and upload in an instance, organized and accumulated the statistics for the game, the team, the athlete and the season is our unique proposition

Advanced and detailed statistics easily collected and is played. Now you can provide your participating teams and athletes with statistics displayed in tables, charts and graphs. Within an instance you know who is the round MVP, which were the best lineups who were the top scorers and what records they achieved. The content is so amazing that creates the illusion of competing in a professional League.

Added value to your tournament and to your team!

StatApp is exactly what your basketball league needs in order to grow and raise competitiveness.

Why work with us?

  • Leaders
  • Support
  • Value
  • Passion
  • Security

Our Company is a pioneer in the field of sport statistics with a range of products that satisfy the most demanding user with the most advanced needs.

Our Target is to upgrade the game experience of teams and players and raise competitiveness in any league that chooses to innovate with us.

We acknowledge that our support service is another of our comparative advantages. Your success is our success too and we make sure we are available in order to resolve any problem or answer any inquiry you may have relating to the use of either our Stats Application “StatApp” or our basketball league management platform, “”.

Valuefor money. The cost of any of our solutions, whether you are a league manager or responsible for a team is nothing compared to the services we offer.

Content, Social Reach and awareness, increase in Marketing value, competitive advantage are some of the benefits we guarantee you will gain by using our products.

StatApp, provides three different solutions to cover the needs of anyone who wants to collect basketball statistics. We are very passionate with what we do and we love programming sports and stats . This results in the development of the best final product with amazing features and ergonomics that make them very friendly to use

We pay great attention in the protection of the personal details of athletes and all administrators of our solutions and this is why we only work with some of the most trusted server providers in the market. In our one team solution the team may choose not to make public the web content we create and provide credentials to team members and anyone else the like to give access to their stats.

How good are we?

User Interface(95%)
Easy to Use (93%)
Data Presentation and Analysis (97%)
League Management Platform (92%)
Days hard working but
with smile
Satisfied Customers
Cups of coffee per week
Application Updates

Your Choices

We cover all statistical demands with three products

StatApp OneTeam

€80 per team *
  • StatAppOneTeam Aplication
  • Integration
  • Team Administration
  • Privacy
  • Advanced and analytical Statistics
  • * for each season


StatApp Tournament

€50 per team *
  • StatAppTour Aplication
  • Integration
  • League Administration
  • Team Administration
  • Advanced and analytical Statistics
  • * for each season


StatApp - Under Construction

€2 per user
  • StatApp Aplication
  • Team Administration
  • Statistics Display through the App on the device


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